Whuddleville is the main area of WhuddleWorld and the first to be open to users. It is comprised of three areas: NW Whuddleville, Whuddleville and NE Whuddleville.


Map of Whuddleville.


NW WhuddlevilleEdit


Civvies is a mainstream fashion clothing store found in the Sky High Mall and Apartments along with Sky High Snacks.

Nearby is the WhuddleWorld Pencil Company, which sells The WhuddleWorld Chronicles, the only newspaper in WhuddleWorld.

There is also Violet's Salon, where you can change your Whuddle's hairstyle and purchase hair accessories and wigs.

LT Realty is not yet open for business, but will likely be a place to rent or buy housing in the future.

In An Office Building are Rotes 'n Notes, a shop for writing supplies that also sells backgrounds and Omnibus bookmarks, as well as the Whuddleville Tattoo Parlor, which sells edgier clothing and accessories alongside the tattoos.

The Whuddleville Library is actually a bookstore and sells a couple of book-related items such as a bookshelf background alongside several books that were written by staff or by citizens.

Philip Sweet's Confectionary, also spelled "Philip Sweets Confectionary", sells food as well as baking supplies, such as mixing bowls and aprons. It may be a typo, but the NPC's name is spelled "Phillip".

The Whuddleville Post Office sells basic packaging containers and letter paper. It does not, however, deliver packages.

There is a Snack Stand located in Pine Park at the centre of Whuddleville.

NE WhuddlevilleEdit

Other LocationsEdit


The Whuddleville Courthouse contains the Club Registrar, the Whuddleville Hoosegow and a portrait that declares, "I am a picture on the wall!"

There is also Gadgets & Gizmos, a research facility credited with all the amazing feats in WhuddleWorld that were not caused by Imagimagic. There are a few rooms open, but there is nothing of note.

Bits 'n Bytes Gamin' currently has two games available. The Crane Game was the first to be released and costs 100WB to play. There is a random chance of winning a capelka from it.

The other game is Whack-A-Mole, which also costs 100WB to play. Both games can only be played twice each day.

At the center is the Charlie Fountain, also known as the Pine Park Fountain for being located in Pine Park.

The Whuddleville Flea Market allows users to buy and sell items between them.

Whuddlebeans can be stored in the Whuddleville Bank.

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