Whuddlebeans are the primary currency of WhuddleWorld, the other currency being DazzleDabs. Most items are bought using whuddlebeans, and club dues must be paid in WB.

Sources of WhuddlebeansEdit

Donating to the MintEdit

A Wafer appears in your omnibus every day. Donating it gives you 5000WB. Does not stack.

Other items, usually from Random Events, can give you Whuddlebeans when donated. The value earned from this is much smaller, typically around 200-300WB.

Weekly PollEdit

Completing the Weekly Poll on the Main Page gives you a Poll Voucher that can be exchanged for 5000WB.

The poll is typically about some aspect of WW and helps provide insight into what players think of WW and helps improve the site. Sometimes, it may be about an inane subject such as weather preferences.

Weekly QuizEdit

The quiz is available in the BBB Board. It is typically about some sort of WW-related trivia. Upon answering correctly, you receive a voucher that can be exchanged for 5000WB. There are no second chances if you answer incorrectly.


Posting in a friend's private forums gives you 25WB per post. Posting in the BBB Board awards different amounts of whuddlebeans - this amount may be determined by your citizenship level, length of post, or other unknown factors.


Whuddlebeans stored in the Bank gain interest every week between Sunday and Monday.


Sometimes, there is a sum of Whuddlebeans as a prize for the Lotto hosted at the BBB Board or for other official competitions. Whuddlebeans may also be offered as prizes for club contests.


Whuddlebeans can be earned by selling items at the Whuddleville Flea Market.


DazzleDabs can be converted into WB at a rate of 1DD to 5000WB. The opposite does not work.

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