Hello, I will use this page to collect the Events / Holidays that happen on Whuddle World. Please bare with me, because this will be a bit unorganized. Unicogirl 12:41, October 8, 2009 (UTC)

BBB EventsEdit

These events take place on the BBB Board.

Boo!dle Day 2k9

Pickles EventEdit

Pickles 09/29/09 11:05:59 PM We hear Chip over at Skyhigh Snacks is excited about a Pickle shipment coming in on October 1st!

We're not exactly certain on why that's exciting just yet..but I guess we'll all have to wait and see!

Oh no! Stolen Pickles? 10/01/09 06:08:04 PM Oh no!!

With the arival of our Purple Pickle Eater items it seems Chip's Shipment of pickles has turned up missing!

We think the P.P.E.s have hidden them around whuddleworld.

Please help chip get his pickles back!

When you find a pickle, please donate it back to chip for a reward!

Who knows what might happen if you eat it though..

(( Pickles can be found through Random Events around WW for the Month of October))

Protect your Pickles! 10/02/09 10:46:06 AM This month on whuddleWorld we're going pickle crazy! Chip is still depressed that all his pickles were taken, but he hopes everyone will continue to help him!

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