Whuddles are the main breed on Whuddle World. They are considered the person's Avatar.

As stated by the Whuddle World Website -

"Whuddles are cheerful, mystical creatures that happened into existence as a result of the imaginations of people just like you. They love to cook, eat, play games, and socialize. They're also very creative, and they're enchanted with nature. The most important thing of all to Whuddles is their family and friends. To learn more about Whuddles and WhuddleWorld, click on the 'register' link at the top of this page or the home page to become a citizen." - Whuddle World FAQS
Abata 01

Male and Female Avatar

Gender Edit

At the moment, The Gender of your Whuddle and the Gender of your account do not have to match. It is possible to have a female account, but have a male Whuddle. Both a Female and a Male whuddle have a bit of a different stance, face, hair, and clothing. There are some Unisex clothings, but it is limited.

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