The Inventory is found in your Omnibus and currently has room for 400 items. This was increased from 200 since the site's founding. More space can be purchased at 10DD for 25 spaces.

There is also a carried inventory, which is taken with you when exploring on the World Map. It has 20 spaces. Items you wish to sell at the Flea Market must be in your carried inventory, as does your ATM card if you wish to use the ATM. Items received from Random Events, bought at shops or won from the Crane Game also go directly to the carried inventory.

Left-clicking on an item brings up the item description. Right-clicking on an item brings up a menu that allows you to open the description, use it according to its properties, carry it/put it down (put it into/take it out of your carried inventory) or discard it.

Clothes can be worn or removed from the inventory by right-clicking on the appropriate icon and selecting "Wear X" or "Remove X". The Whuddletar will immediately refresh in response to the addition or removal of clothing or accessories. Items of the same type do not stack on the Whuddletar; for example, it is impossible to wear two wigs at once.

A drop-down list allows you to view a certain category of items, such as Decorations or Food.