More Exciting News! ::4/1/11

We are very pleased to announce the new changes that are about to occur at WhuddleWorld. The staff has met and discussed some very new and exciting developments that we have been working on for the past four months. What better way to announce them, than at the first day of the month?

The first change that we are making is that the Elders no longer wish to be called "Elders" but will now be called "Kings and Queens." We feel that this suits us a little better. The next change is that we are going to change the names of the towns on the world map. The changes are as follows: Whuddleville:Franktown Apple Acres: Newton's Valley Beach Area: Island Esme Nature's Nook: 4 Acre Wood The Bazaar will also be changing it's name to "Wanderkin Garage Sale."

The last change that we are planning on implementing is a huge one. We are redesigning our Whuddles! No long will they have long tails like lions, but they will be more like that of a horse. The cute button noses will be replaced with more of a snout and the chubby bodies will be shapeless and more tube-like. We feel that by changing our signature look we will bring some new adventures to WhuddleWorld! (or soon to be called "SlugWorld."